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The old Prosperity Marketing System run by Darren Olander has been around for several years.

The system was very easy to use and newbie friendly. Darren always did an excellent job of providing plenty of training and resources for anyone trying to market online to use and produce results.

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However, the old Prosperity Marketing System did not pay well enough for serious marketers to use it to generate significant income. But I used it for some time and it did generate leads. It just didn’t pay well enough.


Prosperity Marketing System creator Darren Olander recognized that and he has completely overhauled the system where it now pays very well and is more powerful than before. It is now a powerful Funded Proposal sponsoring system that both newbies as well as seasoned marketers can use to benefit from it in many ways.

Here are the benefits of The Prosperity Marketing System:


1. It gives you a platform to market from and generate MLM leads no matter what MLM program or opportunity you are working. Many MLM Companies don’t provide a very good Lead Capture System, so you can use PMS to generate your leads more professionally.


2. It is extremely easy to use. Anyone with the basic knowledge of the Internet can use this system effectively.


3. It is an excellent “Funded Proposal” system. What that means is that the system can actually make you money while you generate leads for your primary business and build your list.


4. You build your list automatically which is hosted by The Prosperity Marketing System while you promote the system and make money.


5. Great Internet Marketing training is provided in PMS backoffice at no additional charge. This training makes it easy for you to use the system.


6. You get to email your downline 5 levels deep! This feature is very powerful because it allows you to leverage your efforts and build your list faster and bigger.


7. By using PMS, you can literally build your primary business automatically if you upgrade to the “Owner” level. You can also give the system to your downline in any MLM Company once you have set up your primary business in the system and your downline can have a ready-made system to use for your chosen MLM Company.


8. It can help you to create multiple streams of income from several different affiliate programs making it more profitable to market.


9. The Prosperity Marketing System pay plan can generate significant income for you. It is a leveraged Affiliate Program that pays you very well from other people’s efforts. The program pays out 100% commissions with no admin fee, yes there is no admin fee.


10. PMS integrates with several different autoresponders, thus making it more flexibel and easy to setup.


11. PMS is very affordable. You get great value for what you pay.


Should you get this system? Absolutely, this is one I would definitely recommend..

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PS. The creator Darren Olander is also the owner of


All the best..
Stephen Turner

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