Excellent polyester fabric products already become crucial part of paper making and environmental protection industries

Feb 13, 2014-China-The polyester fabric is one kind of the technical fabric which has been widely used in paper making and environmental protection industrial areas. The engineer from China professional Polyester Forming Fabric manufacturer Hebei Defeng Polyester Fiber Co., Ltd (www.china-polyestermesh.com) has said that the multi advantages of this fabric should be the main reason for the popularity of it.

Generally speaking, the polyester fabric products such as Polyester Filter Belt Screen own the characteristics of good water permeability, air permeability and non-revealed sludge, acid-resisting and alkali-resisting. Because of their designing structure, the sludge can be peel off easily from the filter cake, so the screen are easily cleaned and have a long working time. Mainly matching with belt type filter press, vacuum rubber belt filter and vacuum horizontal belt filter. These filter belt are all produced by the polyester fabric.

In addition to the filter belt, the engineer from china-polyestermesh.com also said that this sort of fabric could also be used for making Paper Machine Clothing. Although polyester fabric does exist the good performance of high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance and aging resistance, the paper machine clothing which made of the polyester fabric are easy install on paper making machine and the fabric have the good performance on paper forming and drying process. So we can say that Polyester Fabric could be good used as Polyester Forming Fabric and Polyester Dryer Fabric.

Apart from above strong points, the polyester fabric also belongs to the good heat-resistant synthetic spiral belt and it owns the feature of larger air permeability, flat surface, good strength, long working time and joining or not arbitrarily. That is why most of paper mill choose this fabric as the dryer fabric.
Except for the good temperature resistance ability, the polyester fabric also has well
characteristics of stable running, not easy to wrinkled, high filtration rate and it can peel off easily from the filter cake. Mainly matching with vacuum rubber belt filter, horizontal vacuum belt filter, vacuum drum filter and vertical filter press.

On the other hand, polyester fabric exist good performance to resistant various chemicals substances such as the normally acids and bases, which could not cause into great damage to the polyester fabric. Furthermore, the products such as Polyester Mesh which produced by this fabric also own good ability to resistance the mold and insects.

In summary, the engineer from china-polyestermesh.com said that polyester fabric is very versatile and has been extensively used as paper making fabric and filter belt screen. Due to the characteristic of high temperature resistance, this fabric has wide range of applications. In addition to paper making, mining, printing and dyeing, food, high density board making and ceramics, this fabric also plays crucial role in the field of environmental protection like waste water treatment, sludge dewatering, mine tailings disposal and FGD in power plant.

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