The dynamic resistance and insulation resistance greatly have an impact on the overall performance of slip rings

Feb 13, 2014-China-The excellent and efficiency of your slip rings largely relies on the individual effectiveness and things of each a part of this item. Generally speaking, the 2 large primary effectiveness indicators for that video slip ring would be the dynamic resistance and insulation resistance. These two key indicators have terrific relevance and impact on the performance of linked goods like electrical slip rings..

The specialized creating engineer from AOOD Engineering Restricted ( ) that’s one of the best manufacturers for slip ring has said that the dynamic resistance in the electrical slip rings should be the contacting resistance amongst the electrical brush along with the ring physique, which might be expressed by the micro-ohm meter. It truly is usually a fluctuated value and that is mainly created through the flaws, foreign objects, inefficiently strain over the surface of the metal ring slip. The general value of this dynamic resistance is normally amongst 1 micro-ohm to 10 micro-ohms. Should the worth past this assortment, it’ll do specific harm to slip ring¡¯s electrical component.

Having said that, the fluctuation in the dynamic resistance on the slip ring will significantly impact the accuracy of signal transmission in between machine elements. Consequently, the manufacturer need to strictly handle the procurement of surface plating for that surface of the electrical slip ring. On top of that, the demands for that stress amongst brush and metal ring and the cleansing degree inside the manufacturing approach for slip ring can also be very critical. Inside a word, AOOD Technological innovation Limited has strictly principles for these things in manufacturing procedure.

The insulation resistance is mostly reflected within the insulator to the slip rings. Because the insulator materials plays an exceptionally critical function in overall performance of insulation resistance of slip ring so the manufacturer¡¯s choice of insulation products needs to be paid sufficient consideration by them. Based upon the expertise of AOOD Technology Constrained, manufacturer have to spend attention on the following points. The primary point would be the mechanical power of insulating supplies. The second stage would be the processing performance of insulating elements. Thirdly, they have to note the dielectric strength of insulating material. The final stage refers towards the absorbent and moisture resistance of the supplies.

Overall, AOOD Engineering Constrained has previously utilized strict management in all elements of Investigation and development, manufacturing, product or service testing and some others. Coupled with sophisticated imported gear and high-tech processes and workmanship, they could totally assure the overall performance of their solutions for instance liquid metal slip rings, electrical slip rings could locate at the outset place comparing with other very similar goods on the earth industry.


AOOD Technologies Restricted as one of the best slip ring manufacturers on the planet begun in slip rings area considering the fact that 2000. AOOD expands the sliding get hold of technology to meet the demanding demands for a broad array of uses.

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